Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box
Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box
Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box
Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box
Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box
Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box
Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box
Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box
Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box
Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box
Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box

Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box

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Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box

Scrummy Gummy Bears - Box

Product description

Independently tested, verified, and Ketogenic Certified.

  • Each Box contains: 12 Bags of 1.76oz (50g) of Sugar-Free Scrummy Gummy Bears (approx. 25 pieces)

  • Finally, Truly guilt-free, sugar-free, scrumptious gummy bears. Scrummy Gummy Bears are made with no sugar alcohols, no chemical sweeteners, and no artificial colors or flavors. They are gluten-free and have 1g Net Carbs in a whole bag making these a truly keto-friendly candy treat!

  • Every scrumptious bag contains approximately 25 Scrummy Bears made with organic natural fruity flavors including: Lime, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Orange, Watermelon, and Green Apple.

  • Zero Sugar and 19g of Soluble Fiber in each serving make this the perfect go-to snack or after-dinner treat for anyone watching their sugar intake. We chose sweeteners with diabetics and keto people in mind.

  • Made in the USA with carefully sourced ingredients.

  • Ingredients: Non-GMO Soluble Vegetable Fiber (corn), Non-GMO Allulose, Gelatin, Non-GMO Citric Acid, Non-GMO Malic Acid, Organic Natural Flavors, Organic Fruit and Vegetable Juice (color), Organic Spirulina Extract (color), Non-GMO Annatto Extract (color), Non-GMO Monk Fruit Extract, MCT Oil, Non-GMO Carnauba Wax. 

  • HOT Weather Warning: During the summer months it can get pretty toasty out there, and these little guys can melt at 100 degrees. We will do our best to prevent this, but it does happen on occasion. Some people like them melted, but we'd prefer you enjoy them as intended. You can place them in the fridge just before eating, but if that doesn't work, let us know and we'll make it right.

  • Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, wheat, and peanut products.
Shipping & Returns

Shipping cost is based on weight. Just add products to your cart and use the Shipping Calculator to see the shipping price.

Hot Weather Policy

Sometimes gummy bears melt when they are going to really hot places during summer months, especially if they're left in cars or trucks. We will do our best to anticipate this based on the season and your destination, and package your little friends accordingly.

If anything goes awry, let us know and send us photos. We'll sort it out for you.

Scrummy Promise Guarantee

We think you'll love our gummy bears. But, if you don't, let us know, and we will refund the purchase price on your first box purchased through

Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Rich F.

These gummi bears are fantastic and are a great sweet treat when trying to follow a keto diet plan.

Jody M.
Finally, healthy gummy bears!

Thank you so much for putting so much thought into making the Scrummy Gummy Bears! So much to love about them! The only drawback for me is the cost, but I also understand paying for quality...especially being made in the USA!

Stacey K.
A great alternative to sugar gummy candy

It hits my hankering for gummies without the sugar. I think most people will enjoy them.

Sarah S.
Scrummy Sweet Company

Wonderful customer service!
I hope they continue to increase the product line.
A good alternative to anything sugar based.

Nurse T.
Wow. Just wow.

I really don't have a sweet tooth, but do have moments where something indulgent fits into my world. These are incredibly delicious, soft and chewy. I'm sure I could even fool my friends into thinking they are the real thing, but I'm not sharing them. I think the only thing that would make these more attractive, is a cheaper shipping fee option ... kinda like, if you subscribe, you get shipping for much, much less. This is the only factor that will prevent me from re-ordering quickly.

Dale D.

Great product.

Sharon M.

I have not eaten them. I got them for my grandkids for Christmas. I
Like the idea of a healthier candy.

My Second Order

I really enjoyed the first box of gummy bears from Scrummy Sweets so I ordered a second box. These gummy bears are even better! They have perfected these wonderful treats.

Leslie M.
Yummy Scrummy

Very clean ingredients and I love that they do not stick to dental work. Don’t change the ingredients, they’re perfect!

Phillip K.
Wow! Actual healthy gummy bears! 🐻

I’m very impressed with these gummy bears. I was once pre-diabetic and am now in normal blood sugar level and want to keep it that way. However, having a little bit of a sweet tooth, it’s hard to get any sweets, especially gummies and caramels! Enter Scrummy Sweets! I’m so glad that these gummy bears exist! I love them, their texture is exactly the same as gummy bears and and the taste is the same too! I had their caramels as a gift as well and they are also so good and as taste like the caramels I know. Here’s hoping Scrummy Sweets tackle gummy worms! Or even sour gummies!