Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack
Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack
Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack
Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack
Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack
Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack
Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack
Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack
Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack
Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack
Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack

Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack

$32.99 $37.55
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Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack

Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack

$32.99 $37.55
Product description

Want to try a bit of everything? We have you covered. Get a sampling of all our products in one go and save! 

All products are independently Ketogenic Certified.

Scrummy Sweets Sampler Pack Includes:

Scrummy Gummy Bears (2 Individual Bags)
Each scrumptious bag contains approximately 25 Scrummy Bears made with organic and natural fruity flavors including: Lime, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Orange, Watermelon, and Green Apple.

Ingredients: Non-GMO Soluble Vegetable Fiber (corn), Non-GMO Allulose, Gelatin, Non-GMO Citric Acid, Non-GMO Malic Acid, Organic Natural Flavors, Organic Fruit and Vegetable Juice (color), Organic Spirulina Extract (color), Non-GMO Annatto Extract (color), Non-GMO Monk Fruit Extract, MCT Oil, Non-GMO Carnauba Wax. 

Scrummy Caramels (One Each)

These won't stick in your teeth, but they still have that classic soft & chewy caramel that will take you back to your childhood, without any of the guilt.

Zero sugar, zero net carbs per serving, and free from sugar alcohols, our caramels are truly zero impact and suitable for all low sugar diets, keto safe, and diabetic friendly.

(1) Bag Scrummy Classic Caramels

Scrummy Classic Caramels are gourmet quality caramels without the impact of sugar.  Hand-crafted in small batches, using only the finest ingredients, such as organic butter & organic heavy cream, organic fair-trade Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean extract, and Redmond Real ancient sea salt.

Ingredients: Non-GMO Allulose, Organic Heavy Cream, Non-GMO Soluble Vegetable Fiber (corn), Organic Butter, Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean Extract, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Ancient Sea Salt.

(1) Bag Scrummy Coconut Caramels

Scrummy Coconut Caramels are a delicious option for those wishing to avoid dairy. Made from 100% plant-based ingredients, they are hand-crafted in small batches in a vintage copper kettle. 

IngredientsNon-GMO Allulose, Organic Coconut Cream, Non-GMO Soluble Vegetable Fiber (corn), Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean Extract, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Ancient Sea Salt.

(1) Bag Scrummy Coffee Caramels

Scrummy Coffee Caramels are made using the same recipe and traditional methods as our best selling Classic Caramels, but with added organic fair trade coffee.

Non-GMO Allulose, Organic Heavy Cream, Non-GMO Soluble Vegetable Fiber (corn), Organic Butter, Organic Coffee, Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean Extract, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Ancient Sea Salt.

HOT Weather Warning: During the summer months it can get pretty toasty out there, and these little guys can melt at 100 degrees. We will do our best to prevent this, but it does happen on occasion. Some people like them melted, but we'd prefer you enjoy them as intended. You can place them in the fridge just before eating, but if that doesn't work, let us know and we'll make it right.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping cost is based on weight. Just add products to your cart and use the Shipping Calculator to see the shipping price.

Hot Weather Policy

Sometimes gummy bears melt when they are going to really hot places during summer months, especially if they're left in cars or trucks. We will do our best to anticipate this based on the season and your destination, and package your little friends accordingly.

If anything goes awry, let us know and send us photos. We'll sort it out for you.

Scrummy Promise Guarantee

We think you'll love our gummy bears. But, if you don't, let us know, and we will refund the purchase price on your first box purchased through

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Denise T.

I was a bit hesitant to place my order but after receiving it I was pleasantly surprised at how yummy everything is.

Lisa R.
Overall win

Customer service is great! I accidentally recieved an incomplete order and they rectified it right away and without fuss, which is always appreciated. I got the sampler for the gummies but ultimately, the coconut caramels won me over. Perfect softness, perfect sweetness, perfect amount of coconut flavor coming through. The original were fine but don’t hold a candle to the coconut. Hubs said the same thing about the coffee. (Not bad but also preferred the coconut.) The gummies were a bit harder/chewier than I expected given that the caramels were so soft. However, I did enjoy the flavors and it definitely hit the spot better than other “sugar free” gummies. None of it left a weird aftertaste to me. I’m on a continuous glucose monitor and did see about an 8 point rise in my bloodsugar the first hour after eating the bag of gummies which was a bit more than I was expecting at 1 net gram of sugar but in the grand scheme of things, that isn’t horrible. I’ll try the next pack in a few days and see if that was a one off or if it does it again to understand how this truly impacts my blood sugar.

Harley M.
Wow. Just wow.

The gummy bears are fantastic. The caramels are EVEN BETTER. I’m diabetic and I have a sweet tooth. This candy doesn’t spike my sugars, and it helps put the craving at ease. Delicious.

D M.
The texture and taste are so very satisfying!

The gummies check all the boxes and satisfy my tatebuds. The Caramels are creamy. I do not miss the sugary ones. A fan!

Diana R.
It Was Yummy, Scrummy

The smaller pack was great. Two bags of gummies. Loved them. Great taste and chew. Two bags of caramels. I missed caramel and these pretty much hit the mark. Not as chewy as the caramels I enjoyed before I went low carb/no sugar, but they were pretty tasty. And now with all the hoopla about erythritol, I’m glad you don’t use that in your candies.

Talia F.
Scrummy sampler pack

All of it was good and would order again. Would likely order for special occassions or just once in a while. It's expensive for candy but it's a nice occassional treat. I go through it too quickly for it to make sense to do regularly.

Tanyale C.

I love the gummy bears and also all 3 of the caramels! Since starting a ketogenic way of life, Im always in search of a “junk” food to tackle my sweet tooth lol and the caramels taste as if their not Keto friendly at all!! Seriously, taste like regular non diet caramels! So it’s definitely not junk food but my tongue sure doesn’t know it’s not filled with sugar and absolutely safe for ketosis. Thank you for making such a delightful line of snacks to treat my sweet loving heart ❤️ Some said the gummies were to chewy, I kinda like and appreciate the texture. This allows me to chew a little more and the chewing signals the brain that it’s satisfied. So I didn’t mind the texture at all ❤️

Brandy G.
Greatest Keto Sweets EVER!!!

Great taste, absolutely love the carb count. Simply wonderful! Will be buying from them again.

Carrie K.
Candy very

Candy was very good. And the customer service was excellent. Thank you very much.

Norma M.
Love it!!

I just order your product and I LOVE IT!